October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween from the office of Shane McDowell, DMD! We all know that even as adults, it challenging not to resist joining our kids in celebrating Halloween by eating some candy. Unfortunately, some candies out there are worse than others for your teeth and can caus...

September 11, 2014

According to The Center of Disease Control, more than 16 million Americans suffer from a disease caused by smoking and another half suffer from gum disease. This equates to 64.7 million American adults, which is quite alarming!

When taking into account how smoking affec...

August 14, 2014

A few decades ago, dental cavities were filled with a mixture of different metals. Today, dentists are using more tooth-like materials that are safe and predictable to help create a natural and unnoticeable looking filling! Because the tooth filling is made up of resin...

June 17, 2014

Many patients have similar questions when they come for a dentist visit. So today, we’re going to address some of the most commonly asked patient questions!

Q1. How many times can I floss per day?

You should be flossing your teeth at least once per day to achieve a healt...

May 23, 2014

Did you know, that there could be a connection between the health of your gums and the health of your heart? According to the Academy of General Dentistry, people who have chronic gum disease are at a higher risk for heart attack.

There are two types of gum disease: gin...

April 11, 2014

First, and foremost, if you are pregnant – congratulations! Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in your body, and can also impact your oral health as well. It’s an especially important time to focus on your dental routine.

Your Daily Routine

  • Indulge in a well-bal...

January 21, 2014

If you’ve ever dropped spaghetti sauce, curry or even a popsicle on your clothes while indulging, you may have noticed a powerful stain. The top foods and beverages that stain your clothing also stain your teeth. These stain causing foods and beverages also include can...

November 7, 2013

Dental patients across Southwest Florida are curious about causes for common dental problems like sensitive teeth. While tooth sensitivity is very common, it can be uncomfortable to deal with for any period of time. So, let’s explore common causes and recommendations f...

February 18, 2013

Teeth are naturally white. Everyone starts out with beautiful white  teeth, but normal use can discolor teeth over time. Acidic foods wear away the white enamel on your teeth, causing them to become more transparent so the yellow dentin core shows through. Dark-colored...

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